Staff Members

John Evanko


Campus Director

John grew up in Paducah, KY and moved to Louisville in 2008 to begin school at U of L. Throughout college, John had many memorable experiences, including living in the dorms, joining a fraternity, writing for theĀ Louisville Cardinal, and sitting ...


Trey Richardson


Discipleship Coordinator

Trey grew up in a home that regularly attended church, however, it wasn't until later on through the influence of his brother and others that Trey came to a saving knowledge of Christ. While in college, Trey was discipled by an older believer on ...

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Sarah Parks


Women's Ministry Intern

Sarah grew up regularly hearing the Gospel in her home and in her church, and came to an understanding of her sinfulness and the saving power of Jesus early in high school. After being raised as a desert child in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, ...