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What We Believe

The gospel of Jesus Christ changes everything. In the gospel the people of God are moved from death to life, from hell to heaven, from sinners to righteous, from despair to joy. It is good news. But what makes the gospel not just good news—but the very best news—is that this is a result of grace, not works. All humans function with a works-based mentality. What must I do to earn salvation? How religious do I need to be? Even non-religious people do things to earn a salvation. How much money must I make or how many pounds must I lose to be free?

The natural bent of all people is to seek a salvation based on human achievement.

But the gospel of Jesus Christ flips that on its head. In the Christian gospel, Jesus does for us what we couldn’t do so that we can gain a salvation we don’t deserve. It’s a result of grace, not works. It’s better than we deserve.

CCF is about pressing that reality into the lives of college students because all students—indeed, all people—need to be reminded again and again of this precious story. Everything we do as a ministry, then, is laser-aimed at what the apostle Paul says is “of first importance” (1 Cor. 15:3): the gospel.

The gospel has both a personal and corporate call. On a personal level, we at CCF believe we’re commissioned not only to share the gospel, but to make disciples. We’re committed to walking with students until we can launch them out as lifelong laborers. There are many aspects to making this happen, but a key element is life-on-life ministry. We love to see the people of God interacting in love with the hope of raising up disciples on a personal level.

Yet, we also believe in corporate growth. While our large group meeting on Thursday nights is an excellent way to grow, we believe that corporate worship in a local church is an even more vital part of the Christian life.  Cardinal Christian Fellowship is intimately connected to our home church, Third Avenue Baptist, just one block north of Cardinal Towne on Third Street. We would love for you to join us on Sunday mornings for our corporate worship service.